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HOSCO is a Management Consulting firm that services the South African Hospitality Sector, by means of making significant improvements to an organisations sustainability and growth.

At The Hospitality Counsel, we aim to facilitate and execute the implementation of fundamental operational processes an organisation requires to be industry leaders. We have highly skilled consultants whom provide their expertise with the purpose of creating organisational growth by means of various consulting services.

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Client Memberships

Free memberships for hotels and restaurants, allowing them access to a benefit basket including exclusive preferential rates from preferred partners.

Digital Publications

Publishers of three annual digital publications including the acclaimed SA's Finest Magazine, as well as the newly launched Travel-SA Magazines.

Supplier Partnerships

Collaborations with industry partners to provide information around industry specific products and services required by the industry.

Award Ceremonies

Proud hosts of the South African Luxury Tourism Awards, as well as the South African Luxe Restaurant Awards.


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Results from our engagements meet or exceed expectations over 90% of the time.

Owners, management companies, brands and industry leaders turn to us to help improve operating performance while enhancing the guest and employee experience. We are experts at developing systems and processes while working alongside your team to implement changes that ensure sustained results. We work with many of SA’s most recognizable hospitality brands to develop business tailored solutions.

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How we work

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Gathering data

An initial operational or company assessment is contacted in order to analyze the scope of work that will be carried out.



A consultant with then develop a strategy and execution plan to be presented to the client for implementation approval. 



Our team will then begin to carry out the steps needed to achieve the goals set out by the data and planning development phases.



Findings and recommendations will be delivered in report that will outline the achieved outcomes set out by the client.

We know how it works!

If the plan doesn’t work – change the plan, not the goal.

Rather than just deliver our findings and recommendations to you in a report, our consultants actively assist with implementation while coaching, training, and supporting leaders. Every client has their own mix of brands, locations, and requirements, so we offer tailored solutions. Our performance improvement recommendations are mindful of your service offerings and culture. Changes are carefully developed and implemented alongside your local leaders, in order to create the ownership necessary for sustained improvement.

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